What is Event Management?

What is Event Management

“Event management may be a powerful mix of inventive and technical skills, essential for the creation and delivery of any live expertise (be that a marriage, festival, non-public party, sporting event, conference or meeting).

In observe it’s maybe the foremost exciting and satisfying job on the earth.

There is nothing quite just like the buzz of delivering a live ‘show’ (often with no dress rehearsal). it’s inventive, energetic, intense and altogether varied. No day is that the same”

Lorne Armstrong, Director, The Event Academy

Wiki defines event management as “the application of project management to the creation and development of enormous scale events. It involves finding out the complete, characteristic the target market, production the event thought, designing the supply, and coordinating the technical aspects before really launching the event”…which is additionally terribly correct.

Many ‘non event types’ assume that planning and manufacturing an occasion is straightforward, isn’t it? simply realize a venue, return up with an honest theme, get some food and drink, book a band, and send the invitations out on time.

Unfortunately, like several things that appear straightforward making a fortunate event needs tons of labor and a various vary of skills and experiences.

Event management a very important trade

The UK’s event trade may be a important contributor to the united kingdom economy. In 2016/17, payment on events within the Britain alone was £39.1 billion, causative a vast thirty fifth to the UK’s traveler economy. it’s conjointly the sixteenth largest leader within the Britain for instance.

And in fact, the united kingdom event trade {is important|is important|is very important} for creating those connections vital not solely to the economy, however conjointly to communities – whether or not international, national and native, between businesses and their purchasers, businesses and alternative businesses, service users with service suppliers or connecting sectors, like charity, health and education, with alternative sectors.

Additionally, with over twenty five,000 event businesses and over 530,000 folks used in events, the united kingdom event trade isn’t simply additional vital than you’d 1st assume, it’s conjointly abundant broader, because the kinds of events presently well-liked within the Britain demonstrate:

Parties, Awards, Launches, 1st Nights and high muckamuck events – from Leicester to city district.
Product launches – from a star fragrance to a replacement soap.
Sports events – from the Olympic Games to native charity soccer matches.
Meetings, Roadshows, Conferences and Education – from IBM to Ted Talks.
Weddings – from your own, family and friends’ weddings, to a Royal wedding.
Festivals and Concerts – from ‘T’ within the Park and Glasto to Latitude and wild
Charity events – from Sports Relief to The Moonwalk to The Marathon.
When you assume that any and every one sectors, across business, health, education, charity, sport, cordial reception, leisure and touristry conjointly run events to form their own connections, it’s tiny marvel that event management is expected to grow to £50 billion by 2020!

What will event management involve?

Understanding that event management may be a major Britain trade, and knowing what kinds of events might be enclosed is significant for any would-be helper. However, it’s conjointly essential to grasp what’s concerned once it involves planning and manufacturing an occasion. whether or not you’re organising a friend’s wedding or a multi-national conference, essential tasks can include:

Understanding objectives – what’s the aim of the event? What expertise will we wish folks to have? designing an occasion is not possible while not clear objectives.
Establishing timelines – decisive what needs to happen and once. Any giant event involves advanced time management, programing and coordination of alternative people’s activity – like business, digital and technological established and venue preparation.
Selecting a venue – choosing a venue could seem straightforward however the importance of finding the correct venue mustn’t be underestimated. This involves analysis, contract and price negotiation and building operating relationships.

Sourcing and managing suppliers – each event involves a variety of suppliers. From caterers to lighting, various suppliers would like contacting, short-listing, negotiating prices with and finalising contracts. From there, economical management of all suppliers, making certain they fulfil their roles on time and inside budget, is important to the success of the event.

Managing budgets – most likely second solely to having clear objectives comes effective budget management. Delivering a good event is straightforward with unlimited funds, however nice management is needed to supply an occasion inside a strained budget.

Marketing Associate in Nursingd communication – it’s ne’er a case of if you build it {they can|they’re going to|they’ll} come: delivering an audience needs promoting the promise of what the event will deliver! these days this involves varied channels across unsolicited mail, social media and digital promoting.

Managing risk – events area unit advanced, as having several components causative to an occasion means that multiple doable points of failure. Understanding what the risks area unit, the chance of every one arising, ways to minimise risk and developing a strong contingency set up within the event of issues may be a non-negotiable task in event management.

Thinking sustainably – creating selections within the event designing method that take into account the social and environmental impact.

What skills will an occasion planner need?

Knowing what’s concerned is important, however managing and delivering an occasion with efficiency and with success needs a substantial vary of skills. Non-negotiable skills you would like to determine a fortunate future in event management embody (but definitely aren’t restricted to)…

An eye for detail – in events, the devil is so within the detail and each detail matters! This includes keeping track of all details needed to try to to your own work with efficiency, while conjointly sanctioning people to grasp precisely what’s needed of them – and when!

Organisation – building on the power to try to to the correct issue at the correct time, organisation includes having the aptitude to organise others, additionally as your own tasks and schedules.
Creativity – creativeness isn’t solely vital for planning the ‘look and feel’ of each event, however conjointly in bobbing up with solutions to the inevitable issues.

Planning and rehearsal – set up, plan, plan…rehearse, do and do.

Multitasking – one minute you will be booking a circus act, consequent reprehension the business executive of a worldwide company – the helper role may be a piece of ground of multitasking.
Budgeting – from managing surpass spreadsheets and having a transparent read of paying to negotiating cheap costs, effective budget management may be a talent for achievement in event management.
Team player – operating with or managing a team is an important talent – while not fortunate cooperation, no event will deliver, or be delivered, effectively.

People skills – with each event counting on a various cluster of individuals, your ability to inspire, relate to and communicate with anyone (from purchasers to caterers and crew) is crucial.
What’s operating in event management extremely like?

Developing those skills to deliver fortunate events isn’t for the faint-hearted – however it’s for people who sort of a role wherever something will happen! in and of itself, event management is…

Hard work – From the eye to detail concerned, to tight budgeting and negotiating planning and manufacturing events needs tons of labor.

Constant modification – The events trade is usually evolving to fulfill new demands as people’s expectations of events modification. Technology too is recently impacting on the character and delivery of events, therefore each event are going to be totally different and can contain distinctive challenges.
Glamorous and fun – the quick pace of the events trade means that work isn’t uninteresting and infrequently nice fun, transfer the chance of operating in unbelievable locations and even with renowned folks, to feature barely of glamour.
Rewarding – event management differs from many roles therein the work has clear finish purpose, therefore you get to visualize all the labor accomplished. usually feedback from those concerned within the event is immediate, therefore you recognize you’ve done an honest job.

Of course, in our own way to explore what being an occasion planner’s love is to browse some real-life experiences! archangel Heipel’s journal post regarding why he loves operating in events offers helpful insights on what life’s like as an occasion manager.

How regarding obtaining started in event management?

Getting started virtually needs simply a primary step and most ordinarily it’s on one in all the subsequent paths:


If you’re obsessed with a career in events then volunteer. Volunteering in events offers a real-world expertise of what’s concerned in golf shot events along, priceless for expertise and portfolio building. Volunteering conjointly brings you quality with potential employers and permits you to visualize whether or not operating in events is for you.

University Degree

Over seventy universities within the Britain provide a degree course in event management.

Courses and coaching

There area unit lots of dedicated event management coaching courses on the market. whether or not you’re ranging from scratch, have already taken a degree or wish to vary careers, we’ve developed a variety of licensed event management coaching covering the spectrum from Foundation, to Diploma, to Postgraduate levels. All of our courses provide a learning expertise that is really faster than ancient university routes and includes that important trade expertise to support the beginning of your career as an occasion planner. Learn additional regarding the Event Academy learning expertise here.

So currently you recognize what event management extremely is, we’ll offer the ultimate word to our own Claire Derrick, Director of Education for Event Academy:

“Event management is that the method by that events area unit planned, planned, created and assessed. Events area unit dropped at life by the project management of a series of well thought out plans and tasks.

Events area unit experiential by their nature. therefore management of them means you want to immerse yourself within the event, and not simply tick actions off an inventory. sensible event management needs flexibility, strength of character and a capability to attach with folks from all walks of life.”

If this feels like you, then take a glance at our vary of event management courses and allow us to give you with the essential combination of data, expertise and industry-respected certification to kick-start your exciting helper career.

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