How To Repair Corrupted Pen Drive or SD Card In straightforward Steps?

how to repair sd card

Short Bytes: during this article, i’m attending to tell you concerning numerous strategies which is able to assist you to repair your corrupted SD card or Pen drive. fairly often we tend to face this downside of a corrupted memory device, and mistreatment few CMD commands you’ll perform the fix. If prompt isn’t your issue, you’ll conjointly try USB drive repair mistreatment Windows someone.

Dealing with a corrupted SD card or pen drive could be a tedious task. we tend to pay hours to urge back our storage into operating condition however get nothing. you may have seen on-line forums jam-packed with queries like “My pen drive is corrupted” or “My SD card isn’t operating.” this text contains of assorted strategies which is able to assist you repair your corrupted pen drive or SD card.

For SD card, you may got to insert it into the slot provided in your pc or by mistreatment AN external card reader. Use AN adapter, if you’ve got a microSD card. it’ll not work if you connect some device having the SD card sort of a smartphone or a camera. For making an attempt pen drive repair, you don’t would like any such accent. scrutinize these totally different strategies.
Different strategies to repair corrupted pen drive or SD card:

Change the drive letter

Sometimes your pc is unable to assign drive letters (like C, D, E) to your storage media. thanks to this reason, the files on that can’t be accessed. To resolve this issue, you’ll assign the drive letter to your to repair sd card 2


Here area unit the straightforward steps to repair the corrupted pen drive or memory card by assignment an accurate drive letter:

  1. Connect your storage media to your laptop.
  2. Right-click on My Computer/This computer. Click Manage within the computer menu.
  3. Click Disk Management on the left aspect and look forward to a number of seconds in order that Windows will load the Virtual disk service.
  4. Right-click on your storage media and click on amendment Drive Letter and ways.
  5. Click the drive letter (it can flip blue) and click on amendment.
  6. choose the drive letter from the drop-down list. Click Ok.

Try to use it on another computer

Maybe the problem is specifically on your computer, and that’s why you’re finding bother in running the USB flash drive. strive connecting your Coyote State card or pen drive to a different laptop. Hopefully, it should work, and you’ll be able to backup your knowledge from it.
Try another USB port

Although, it sound’s strange, however you’re wasting some time if you repeatedly try and connect your Coyote State card or flash drive to one USB port on your laptop. It can be doable that the port itself is broken or some package issue is to be damned. So, strive alternative USB ports if your USB drive or Coyote State card isn’t obtaining recognized.

Reinstall the drivers

There area unit times once the drivers that run your pen drive get corrupted and your computer won’t be able to discover the storage media. you’ll instal drivers by following these straightforward steps:



  1. Right click My Computer/ This laptop. Click Manage.
  2. Click Device Manager on the left aspect.
  3. Double-Click Disk Drives within the list. Right-click on the name of your pen drive.
  4. Click Uninstall. Click Ok.
  5. Disconnect your storage media and restart your laptop.
  6. Connect your pen drive once more. Your laptop can notice it.

Repair corrupted Mount Rushmore State card or Pen Drive victimization Windows soul
This is the foremost ordinarily used procedure to repair a connected storage media to your pc.

  1. Open My Computer or This PC.
  2. choose the corrupted drive and Right-click.
  3. Click Format within the menu.
  4. Click Restore Device Defaults within the popup window.
  5. Click begin to start the format method. you’ll be able to uncheck the short format possibility if you wish the pc to deep scan the drive/card for errors however this can take time. So, uncheck it given that you fail within the initial try.

  6. Click Ok within the next window which is able to warn you that the info are lost. The format method can complete during a few moments, and you’ll have your error-free Mount Rushmore State card or pen drive.

Repair corrupted Pen Drive or Mount Rushmore State card victimization CMD
This method involves Windows electronic communication that is often called CMD. In this, you have got to enter some CMD commands, and Windows can forcefully format your corrupted pen drive/SD card.

  1. Connect the corrupted pen drive or SD card to your computer.
  2. Hover your mouse over the Start button and Right-click.
  3. Click Command Prompt (Admin). A CMD window will open.
  4. Type diskpart and press Enter.
  5. Type list disk and press Enter. A list of all the storage devices connected to your computer will be displayed.
  6. Type select disk <the number of your disk> and press Enter. (Example: select disk 1). Important: Make sure you enter the number correctly. Otherwise, you may format your internal hard drive. You can type list disk again to check whether you are going correctly. There will be a star (asterisk symbol) before the name of the selected disk.
  7. Type clean and press Enter.
  8. Type create partition primary and hit Enter.
  9. Type active.
  10. Type select partition 1.
  11. Type format fs=fat32 and press Enter. The format process will finish in a few minutes. You can write NTFS instead of fat32 if you want to carry files larger than 4 gigabytes. Don’t close the CMD until the work is finished.

SD card and USB drive repair by removing unhealthy sectors
Our storage devices store knowledge in numerous sectors. thanks to numerous reasons, these sectors become unusable, giving rise to unhealthy sectors. By mistreatment some steps and running easy commands, you’ll perform a USB drive repair. scan additional regarding it here intimately.
Recover your lost knowledge

You can use Sandisk Rescue professional to recover your knowledge just in case you’ve got deleted your files or formatted your SD card/Pen Drive by mistake. The SD card must be in operating condition to perform the recovery method. alternative notable knowledge recovery software system is Recuva by Piriform. For additional data on knowledge recovery, examine our list of the highest knowledge recovery software system.

Tools provided by pen drive and SD card manufacturers

You might not remember however several device manufacturers like SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, Sony, etc. give their own low-level utilities for info and alternative repair functions. Such tools are often wont to fix and restore SD cards and flash drives to their full capability.
You can notice these tools by visiting the websites of the device manufacturers or by contacting their support. In my very own personal expertise, such various SD card and USB drive repair ways have clothed to be additional helpful.

SD Association that publishes the SD specification additionally provides a tool known as SDFormatter which may be used revive SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards. It’s on the market for each Windows and macOS.

Other SD card connected issues

The solutions for repairing SD cards and flash drives may be similar, however they’re a distinct quite hardware. For SD cards, there may well be many problems preventing you from accessing them on your pc.

Issues with external card readers

While most of the trendy laptops Associate in Nursingd 2-in-1 devices feature an SD card slot, a similar may be a no-show on desktops. That’s why individuals take the assistance of low cost external card readers that run into issues additional typically.
External card reader not operating

Sometimes, it’d be the case that your card reader is broken and you’re blaming your innocent laptop. Maybe, the memory card reader isn’t obtaining enough power from the USB port, or no power in the least if its USB cable is broken.

It may even be the case that you’re mistreatment Associate in Nursing previous card reader whereas attempting to access your card. it’s going to not support higher capability SDXC, newer UHS-I, or UHS-II interfaces, or might not work on the most recent versions of in operation systems.

Check if your SD adapter is functioning properly

When you’re attempting to attach a microSD card employing a MicroSD to SD adapter, make certain the adapter is functioning fine. Also, there’s a small slider gift on the SD card adapter, once turned on, permits the info on the cardboard to be read-only. Check if it’s within the correct position.

Damaged SD card

If you’re one amongst the those that use their memory cards without showing responsibility, there may be in the future once it’ll get broken for good. Improperly putting in and removing the SD card from the cardboard reader will hurt its golden connectors and even build it unusable. So, if your card isn’t obtaining recognized, check the connectors.

A little recommendation

There ar probabilities that the assurance of your corrupted USB drive or SD card remains valid. So, if your device is supplying you with issues once more and once more, it’s judicious to speculate some effort and select a refund or replacement. I’m recommending this as it’s not value swing your religion in an exceedingly USB drive that’s showing signs of undependability once more and once more.

Note: Please note that the SD card and USB repair ways represented on top of ar general ways that to repair a tool. thanks to some device-specific problems, there may well be cases once these steps won’t be helpful.

Just just in case you’re trying to find ways to repair corrupted Winchester drive in addition, you’ll follow our Winchester drive repair guide.
Do you understand the other methodology to repair corrupted pen drives? allow us to understand in comments below.

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