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Electro Fox technology was established in 2005. Founder of Elctrofox technology is Syed Younus Ali who is a army retired from Bangladesh Army at 2011. He was in army orchestra over 20 years of sound engineering experience with technical support given to the Bangladesh Army. Now he has established his own company at Bangladesh named Electrofox technology. His goal is to make the best of  entertainment industries with experience and hard working to ensure his customers get the best product and value that they deserve.

Syed Tanvir Hasan Web developer


We at electrofox technology give the best servicing of electronics repair and others. We have experience in professional sound system repairing, Compute servicing, Event management, web development, entertainment services and multimedia production. Visit our shop or contact us to get a quotation for your next project.

We deliver products imported from china at a low cost good deal best quality.